Album art for "Tangles"

Copy of together.png
Copy of vinyl.png

This design was made for a client who is an up and coming artist for his debut album “Tangles”. The album is a collection of tracks with a variety of different genres to show what he as an artist encompasses. The same goes for the design.


For the design itself I took a photo of my client and drew a line portrait of his face placing it exactly in the center and wove the title of the album into the hair. Tangled it within to show the meaning of what the album is intending to do. 

As for the colors my client wanted the maroon to be the background and I helped him choose the tan for his face to not only provide contrast between the background and his face but to have the two complement each other. As for the color choice on the text we decided on the brown as it not only provides enough contrast between the hair and the text but also is just dark enough to where it’s not being lost in the hair.