Stages of Fear of the Sea Poster Series

Copy of mockup.png
Copy of calming.png
Copy of suspense.png

This series I designed for my senior art show here at Indiana State University. I took inspiration from monster movie posters and wanted to design a series that not only captured that idea but also capture each of the feelings displayed at the bottom of each poster

For the first one “calm” I chose blues light and dark and created a serene scene to capture that. The sun is shining and birds are flying really captures that feeling too. As for the font I chose one that look s like it could've been drawn in the sand and slanted that font to really capture that laid back feeling of calmness overlooking the sea.

For the second one “suspense” I chose shades and tints of red. The darker reds in this were to really show suspense. As for the scene a tentacle is now shooting out of the water and two of the birds are missing. Now that the sun is setting when you look at this piece you get a sense of “what will happen?” The font I chose had more of a spooky vibe but I made it larger than previous and elongated it to give that edge of your seat what's gonna happen next suspense feeling

For the final one “terror” I chose to make this one black and white with a little bit of red to emphasize that screaming feeling of terror. As for the scene the monster has emerged and the only color in the poster are in the eye which are red, staring at you. As for the text like I said above, it is blood red and is the biggest size I could make it as to really capture that screaming feeling of terror.

Copy of terror.png