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Enjoy the little detours in life, because that's where you'll find what's most important

Hello! my name is Alex and I'm recent graduate of Indiana State University and have been a graphic designer for around 4 years!

My journey in the design world starts in my hometown just outside Chicago, Wheaton Illinois. I lived there my whole life and during my high school career I took a few classes and I fell in love straight away. Creativity is something I've always been passionate about but graphic design specifically brand design, logo design, and typography design felt so easy to pour in my creativity day in and day out.


Throughout my under grad career I've created numerous designs either for clients, friends or myself and you will find some of the best of these works from my career here on this site.

I'm excited to start my career in the field and I look forward to the future! If you like what you see don't hesitate and head over to my contact page. lets work together!